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The chopard replica watchesfrom the Complications Series is a masterpiece of micro-mechanics. The watch is a combination of two extremely demanding complications, a minute repeater and three gongs as well as a double-axis tourbillon. It is a combination that has never been seen before in the worlds of watchmaking. This is one of the reasons the watch was shortlisted for the Mechanical Exception Trophy at the upcoming Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve - the most prestigious awards ceremony in the industry. The piece has another cool feature, which is to be expected from an chopard replica watches , since this brand is known for their quirky and unique creations. Both the appearance and sound of the piece are modeled on the guitar of the famous R&B/blues artist Bo Diddley. chopard replica watches Repeater with Regulator, Double Axis Tourbillon & 3 Gongs is priced at almost $500,000.

This model is by far the most complex in the collection of Yvan Arpa's watchmaker. The head of the watchmaking firm explained that the concept behind the creation was to create something never seen before. Arta knew that this would be a challenge, given the fierce competition in the market.

Two Extremely Demanding ComplicationsThe answer was to design an extremely complicated watch that was dubbed with the most descriptive and simple name. This is likely one of its only flaws, along with the price.Omega Constellation Replica It has two major complications. The first is a double-axis tourbillion. The tourbillion is improved by having two separate axes of rotation, and two speeds. The tourbillon has two axes of rotation, one of which rotates at a traditional rate of a minute to show seconds. On the other axis the rotation is doubled to improve the accuracy. More than 50 components are used in the complex construction of the tourbillon.

A Minute Repeater is the second major component of this model. It includes an additional gong to indicate the proper activation of the striking mechanism. It is also not a conventional striking mechanism because it has three gongs. Yvan Arpa wanted to eliminate one of the flaws of the traditional approach. The minute repeater is a complex and delicate watch mechanism. Wearers are often too cautious when operating it. In order to avoid any damage to the watch mechanism, people often pull the slide to activate the minute repeater too gently. There is now a solution. chopard replica watcheshas a model with a third gong which sounds to show that the mechanism has been activated sufficiently.

The audible indicator of the complexity will work as usual. The second gong is for hours and the third one, minutes. These two gongs striking at the same time indicates quarter hour.